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What is the IAM Way?

The IAM Way is a 5 step career and leadership development system that guides people to discover their passionate, authentic self, and their personal power, so they can lead and succeed based on their own definition of success.

The same system is used with businesses to create genius culture where the brilliant energy of the people in your organization is leveraged to create higher profits, more engagement and rapid growth.

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  • I was assigned to co-lead a project that was more in-depth than anything I’d ever done before. In the past I would have drowned in drama because I wasn’t a subject matter expert. Because of my training and experience with the IAM Way, I felt empowered to ask for help, I felt ok not knowing all of the answers, and I knew I could ask for what I needed without fear of losing respect. Instead of feeling anxiety as I had in the past, this was an enjoyable experience and I learned so much! The project was successfully completed, on time and on budget.

    Zenora Finley
  • IAM learning helped me realize my dream of starting my own coaching and consulting business. I never imagined I would achieve my dream because I was focused on fear-based thinking. I was overwhelmed thinking of every reason why going out on my own wouldn’t work. IAM coaching gave me the courage to turn things that I originally perceived as huge obstacles into simple strategic steps that were easy to achieve, by working smarter not harder. I moved from being a workaholic employee to owner of my own viable LLC in a year.

    Karen Eldridge
  • Before working with the IAM Way I was struggling to express myself, and I wasn’t speaking up because I wanted to avoid conflict. I am no longer afraid of speaking my true wants and needs and I ask bold questions. Now I can be me. I’m happier, I’m a better leader, I’m honest, and also more confident. IAM Happy@Work is a brilliant course that touches on the human side of things and it helps uncover the good in us.

    Patricia Villa
  • I used to be afraid of drama because of the win/lose dynamics of scarcity thinking. The IAM Way takes you into a whole new world of abundance, where instead of being afraid you can riff with confidence about challenges and conflict. It’s completely changed the way I handle things, I get so excited to share – because I know how to connect the dots between what I want and what others need. I’m empowered from within, I create my own power, so it’s easy to let go of worry about what other people will think.

    Zenora Finley
  • Karen Tax provides excellent coaching support that helps remind people to be genuine while offering feedback to those they are working with. This approach helps engage people in productive discussion that leads to mutual benefit and accountability in the relationship.

    Kevin Wilder
  • The 12-week IAM Happy@Work program laid the groundwork that allowed me to think differently and accept change as a normal part of a work day. Before learning the IAM Way, change was exhausting and stressful and now it’s easier. Before IAM, important projects like job hazard analysis were stalled and now we are consistently completing them.

    Jackie Miranda
  • I felt like I wasn’t being heard, then I needed to do things just because I was told. Now I can be in a tricky situation and then flip out of it by sticking with my values, strengths, motivations and team support. As a result I can listen more, absorb what others are saying, spread positive energy and look more at the big picture. We all need a change and the IAM Way does that! You get balance in your life by knowing yourself out loud.

    Kelley Snead
  • I was not fully confident with certain personalities even though I feel like I had the knowledge and tools to handle most situations. After working with the IAM Way, I evaluate a situation before I respond. I am listening differently which has reduced the stress and drama in my work and home life. As a result, I’m now able to lead and complete quality initiatives that before were stalling – I have the confidence and credibility that allows for better results – for me and my organization.

    Suzanne Stites
  • How does a person share that they doubled their salary in one job move? Very discretely! That’s what happened for one person who went through the IAM Happy@Work program. Obviously we need to keep the details quiet. And it’s safe to say that this person was highly underpaid in their initial job. The fact is, working with IAM helped this person rectify the situation – and continue this trend in a subsequent job move. The key was for this person to KNOW their unique value proposition – a result of this program.

    I Am Way member
  • I found the 12 week structure of the IAM Happy@Work program to be important. I got even more learning when I discussed IAM ideas with my colleagues and we applied concepts to our unique and personal situations. Having the flexibility to discuss and experiment in 1-on-1 conversations made changes start to happen naturally and organically, and allowed each person to show up at their best and see how they could be a part of an innovative solution. These conversations were essential for the new culture to be real and self-sustaining.

    Zenora Finley
  • It takes time to understand why a project is important and plan what we are trying to accomplish. But when we slow down to do this work, to know what’s in scope and out of scope with a project, we have greater success. The IAM Way guided us in how to be more successful with our projects.

    Anthony Girard
  • When I first started with IAM coaching, I was angry about my work situation. Then I stopped struggling over it and thought ‘maybe this is a gift’. Because of IAM coaching I have manifested the career change that I needed to. I have accepted a new position with the Center for International Education on the campus where I currently work. I have negotiated a raise, the possibility of a more flexible schedule, the opportunity to be mentored by strong, respected women in that department (no more dinosaurs) and a probationary track leading to tenured status. Thank you for your support, stories of hope and perseverance, and for the courage to be me!”

    Christine Wolf
  • The methods and information in the IAM Way made me realize I made a great value decision for my career and personal development by using this material. My coach cared about me as a person first, then worked to challenge and push me to reach my potential. The IAM Happy@Work program instilled confidence and determination in me by creating an environment that is comfortable to address difficult, important challenges. I am a better person, employee and leader in my company as a result.

    York Davis
  • I had been feeling helpless at work, waiting for someone to fix the situations that were making me unhappy. Now I can be as happy and powerful as I want! I just have to be willing to own my outcomes, proactively ask for what I want with an open heart, and trust myself to have whatever conversations I need in order to get where I want to go. This honesty has led to the best chapter in our company’s history, both from a financial and morale standpoint. The IAM Way is the best ROI we’ve ever had with a training program, hands down!

    Tracy MacNeal
  • Genius Culture is all about us having those conversations that afford somebody who could be the victim of change the opportunity to instead be the architect of that change. So if I have an idea and I’m about to thrust a change on somebody, the onus is on ME to work with people I’m thrusting this change upon to work WITH them on creating the change. Why I’m making the change has to be clear, and WHAT the change looks like also becomes clear – with people’s involvement. That’s the essence of Genius Culture.

IAM Coaches

Karen Tax

Career, Leadership, Culture

Karen’s ultimate desire is for everyone who touches the IAM Way to see and feel it as “their IAM” and to be intimately enriched by that experience, building confidence that they can earn a living doing what they love AND have tremendous influence in the process.

Haven Carter

Meditation, Mindfulness

Haven helps people remember their passions, live authentically, lead from their hearts, be happy at work and play, create supportive relationships and environments, and ultimately, design and live their best life.

Sophie Suberman

Conflict Resolution, Sustainability

Sophie coaches individuals and organizations one-on-one and in groups to walk their own unique path in this world. She is trained and skilled in restorative circles for conflict resolutions and leadership development, and has demonstrated talent in sustainability, motivation, strategy and idea-creation.

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