the Passion , Authenticity & LEADERSHIP @ Workbook

when being Happy @ Work becomes a reality


When you work through this book, you

Unleash Your Core Power,
and Get the Clarity, Confidence, and Courage
to Manifest the Vision, Inspiring Work,

When you take time for you, and work with this book, you

Stop selling yourself short and start to create the work and lifestyle you so richly deserve!

If you’ve been wanting rewarding, soul-satisfying, influential work, and you are finally ready to try something different, then read on …

Get the book to get started on your path to freedom, fun, and impact.

This book provides a path for high achievers to create success, as defined by you, without sacrificing, selling your soul, OR burning out. Be the leader you were meant to be via an innovative 5 point system that puts an end to wasteful conflict and unhealthy power dynamics.

What will you achieve with this book?


You will discover the TRUE power you have to create the happy work experiences you want or something better:

Create change behind the scenes, even though you’re not in charge and have no authority.

Finally get your ideas in motion that you know will make a huge difference.

Get decision makers to say “yes” to the changes you know are needed.

Get people engaged in your super important ideas and DOING their work.

Get work done on time and on budget without the wasteful churn and expense of drama.

Make more money, because your contribution and effort is valued.

Be recognized for seeing the big picture and being strategic while people around you are too busy to stop and understand what’s needed.

Create success by NOT waiting get permission to do what you know is right.

What Clients are Saying …

I had been feeling helpless at work, waiting for someone to fix the situations that were making me unhappy. Now I can be as happy and powerful as I want! I just have to be willing to own my outcomes, ask for what I want with an open heart, and trust myself to have whatever conversations I need in order to get where I want to go!

My team is the best I’ve ever known. We meet each other honestly, openly, and courageously.

That’s led to the best chapter in our company’s history, both from a financial and morale standpoint. Karen finds a way to make leadership a matter for both the heart and head, for business and personal life, and for self and community. It makes perfect financial sense – it’s the best ROI we’ve ever had on a training program, hands down!

~ Tracy MacNeal,
Chief Strategy Officer,
ATW Companies

I was not fully confident with certain personalities even though I feel like I have the knowledge and tools to handle most situations. After working with the IAM Way, I evaluate a situation before I respond. I am listening differently which has reduced the stress and drama in my work and home life.

I feel like I’ve had a full metal jacket I’ve been carrying around, and I didn’t realize how heavy it was. I’m so glad now to be free.

~ Suzanne Stites,
Quality Manager, Parmatech

What is the approach used in this book?

The IAM Way, is a 5 step process based in ABUNDANCE thinking, where EVERYONE can be their best, most especially YOU. It’s time for you to shine AND get your needs met. You create fundamental change by taking charge of YOU and what you want.

You will create and experience real, practical change achieved with a proven, simple, holistic AND scientifically based approach NOT based on empty promises and idealistic delusion.

The 5 step IAM Way approach and results include:

# 1. Abundance Mindset


Break the chains of scarcity thinking so you can embrace your abundance now!

Discover who your best self is and how to activate your true power.

Shift from lack and drama to abundance and excellence.

Learn my simple 5 step technique to create change and inspire your employees to follow your leadership and show up ready to do their best work.

Discover my formula to turn conflicts into win win’s for everyone.

# 2. Ignite Your Leadership


Learn to access your internal resources to increase your effectiveness as a leader.

Determine how you thrive and how you can dramatically improve your work environment and your home life as well.

Learn to communicate in way that opens doors of opportunity and gets people on board with you.

Discover who you need to be to lead and my innovative path to get there quickly.

# 3. Be The Hero of Your Own Story


Learn how to be the author and director of your life.

Get crystal clear on your vision and about what’s truly possible.

Catapult your vision forward with a holistic and strategic action plan.

Create a system for keeping chaos at bay so you can stay energized and on fire motivated.

# 4. Mobilize Your Community


Drop into your heart to lead boldly with courage AND compassion.

Inspire others to action with the power of who you are vs. trying to force or bully them into doing the work.

Create a community that’s excited about showing up and fully supporting you and your ideas.

Engage and activate your team to achieve your goals on time and under budget.

# 5. Amp Up your Success Frequency


Learn how to actually accomplish what is most important to you.

Manifest exactly what you want or better!

Refine and perfect your success systems to keep you and your team in alignment.

Make your experiences fun and easy.

What Clients are Saying …

I felt like I wasn’t being heard, that I needed to do things just because I was told. Now I can be in a tricky situation and then flip out of it by sticking with my values, strengths, motivations and team support. As a result I can listen more, absorb with others are saying, spread positive energy and look more at the big picture. We all need a change and the IAM Way does that! You get balance in your life by knowing yourself out loud.

~ Kelley Snead, 1st Shift Lead, Proform

Thanks in no small part to Karen I have manifested the career change that I needed to. I accepted a new position with the Center for International Education. I have negotiated a raise, the possibility of a more flexible schedule… and a probationary track leading to tenured status. Thank you for your support, stories of hope and perseverance, and for the courage to be me!”

~ Christine Wolf, Student Services Coordinator at UW-Milwaukee

I had been hesitant to take a stand for what I want and now I’m more clear about my vision and mission and supporting project plans. I am taking a stand for what I want to accomplish. I’m feeling more at ease with getting my ideas and values out in the open. Karen provides honest feedback through a process oriented approach; she is consistent and balanced with her perspective.

~ Kevin Wilder, Director Human Resources, ATW Companies

How will you move forward thanks to working with your PAL?

On a clear, disciplined, proven path based in abundance thinking (you get what you want, NOT at the expense of others) that STARTS with YOU. The IAM Way works in organizations of all kinds.

The complex challenges of our times call for SIMPLE and radically different approaches that reach into the CORE of our true identities and infinite potential.

We need positive alternatives to the obnoxious fighting and supposedly progressive solutions that we are being offered.

This workbook will be your PAL – helping you to know your Self better, without judgement, to become clearer about who you are @ work, @ home & @ play.

In 11 chapters, this book gives you one compass, and a wide choice of tools & exercises that lead you to your personally crafted IAM Essential Plan to being happy @ work & life.

Your PAL workbook can ALSO come with online learning and support which you can learn more about here:

>>> IAM Happy @ Work Online Program – Complements Your PAL <<<

What is needed from you for this process to work?

Courage – we show you how to tap into that

An open mind – freedom from limited thinking – we support you in this

Willingness – to venture into the unknown

Fierceness – holding onto those things that are most precious to you

Remembering – your true, talented, capable, brilliant, powerful self

What Clients are Saying …

Karen Tax believes you can be happy at work. Isn’t work supposed to be a drudgery? Time to upgrade that belief. I did a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. I wanted something more than my non-profit job, more connected to my creative drive and desire for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I wanted to fall back in love with my talents and passion to contribute good things via work. The world seemed to be buzzing with new ways of doing nearly everything, so I took the leap into the mix. To be successful, I knew I needed a big-time make-over about my beliefs concerning work and how I claim and use personal power to create what I really, really want–not what I sort of want. Karen and her book get all of this and much more. From page one, it celebrates amazing you and all you are capable of being and creating which is important as new models of employment and work are emerging. Grab this book, schedule some me-time, dive deep and come up happy to see Monday morning roll around. Get friends and co-workers involved. I also highly recommend scheduling personal coaching with Karen; she’s an invaluable ally and guide along the way. Yes, you can be happy at work.”

~ Elizabeth Bunch, STUDIO eb

I had been hesitant to take a stand for what I want and now I’m more clear about my vision and mission and Before working with Karen and the IAM Way I was struggling to express myself, and I wasn’t speaking up because I wanted to avoid conflict. I am no longer afraid of speaking my true wants and needs and I ask bold questions. Now I can be me. I’m happier, I’m a better leader, I’m honest, and also more confident. IAM is a brilliant course that touches on the human side of things and it helps to uncover the good in us.”

~ Patricia Villa,
Production Supervisor,

Karen is a dynamic, smart and dedicated life and career coach who has an amazing talent for getting clients connected to their own potential and power. Using the IAM approach, she helps me see areas where I am blocking things from coming into my life, and empowers me to claim my best life and get what I want.

~Jill Taylor, National Account Manager at Goddess Garden Organics