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I Always Get What I Want

I want to talk with you about how powerful you feel being in the world. Let’s dive in by making a statement:

“I always get what I want or something better.”

When you see this statement, how does it make you feel?

Do you think that I am being selfish when I say that? Or do you think I am empowered?

Does it make you angry or maybe you think I’m being childish? Or are you excited knowing that I believe I can have what I want? [click to continue…]

Culture and Revenue Growth the IAM Way

The IAM Way is a 5-step process which has been used to create accelerated revenue growth, dramatic increases project completion rates and staff turnover rates going from a 100% to below 10%.

Are you the type of corporate leader who wants to use innovative approaches to build a better business and also be good to the planet used to create accelerated revenue growth, if so then we need to Look at how company culture impacts Success!

I am going to share with you the Top 3 cultural traps that sabotage success related to innovation and growth.

All of these traps are based on a singular focus on survival. The problem is your Cultural Identity determines whether you have the capacity to move from your current situation into greater revenue growth. [click to continue…]

Are You Making a Difference? Why I Feel More Hopeful Than Ever

Are you wondering whether the changes you want to see happening in the world will ever come to be? Or whether or not the time, effort and energy you’re putting into your work is actually making a difference?

These are questions that have been really challenging for me…

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Understanding and Tackling Workplace Conflicts

Conflict is inevitable in workplaces; it is just one of the elements that exist in business life. Most people would agree that where there are human beings, there are conflicts!

Conflicts can happen between two individuals or group of people like co-workers, supervisors and subordinates or between employees and customers and suppliers.

Believe me – not all conflict is negative.

resolving workplace conflicts

All workplace conflict can be healthy if analyzed optimistically – it can be an opportunity for you and your business to effect encouraging transformation! It’s all how you think about it; it’s a ‘perception’ and ‘mindset’ game.

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How to Be Happy at Work – 5 Proven Tips

You can choose to be happy at work. Sound simple? Yes. But, the truth is that, if you are moving in a wrong direction, even some simple things are difficult to attain, it’s the matter of perspective and happiness is largely a choice.

Here’s my take: You are the only person responsible for your happiness. No one else can do this for you. Wondering… how to actually achieve it?

how to be happy at work

To opt for happiness and to make your life and work happier, the very first thing you need to do is to make yourself happy. To make yourself happy, you need some courage, assertiveness and passion. You can find the happiness and you deserve it!

Listed below are my favorite tips on how you can find happiness at work.  [click to continue…]

Anchoring Into Your Essential Best: The Power Flip

If you’d like all of your activities to resonate with the inspiration and power of your authentic self, then anchoring into your essential best must be a top priority. In this article I describe “the power flip” which gives you access, more and more over time, to your essential best energies.

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Cherish Your Doubts

I LOVE this piece by Robert T. Weston on doubt. As you go about your day making choices and decisions, you may have doubts.  It’s a normal part of life. As with all Drama, I encourage you to allow your doubts to serve you well. Robert Weston gives us great advice on how this can be done!
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Make Soul-Aligned Decisions

I recently did a Google search of articles on decision making to help a client group get clear on how they want to make decisions and was disappointed to find the information to be mechanistic and entirely rational. I shouldn’t be surprised – the old way of leading that tries to control and predict everything is alive and well! Here’s a classic example:Rational Decision Making
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How To Be Happy At Work

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And Karen’s Word For 2014 Is…

Watch my first video blog for 2014 to discover my word for 2014, but more importantly to see WHY picking a theme for the year is so powerful.
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Are You A New Paradigm Leader?

Many people are involved in the business of change
while very few actually create real change.
What type of change leader are you?

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The Benefits of Meditation

The Benefits of MeditationOne of the first things that comes to mind when you think about a spiritual practice is meditation. It’s true, meditation is a foundational part of spiritual health. And there are many, many activities that will connect you to your “true and wise Self” or Soul:
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Nine Career ‘Mistakes’ You Might Be Making

It’s probably more useful to call these mistakes ‘commonly taken detours in most careers’! The following list reflects the most frequent struggles I’m seeing with my clients AND the biggest obstacles I faced in my personal experience.
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The Cosmic Waiter

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Do you work with dinosaurs?

Watch the video above to learn about why it’s important to shift into your powerful self when you work with dinosaurs and more…
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to be seen

I have a gift:
I see kids,

I see and appreciate them
while they’re in the middle of the maelstrom
of event after event that can rock them,
I can see them when they find a moment
to pause, notice, appreciate the moment
and the others around them,
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a new coming

in the evolution of who we humans are,
it’s relatively easy to see the physical changes
nature has rewarded:
the walking upright,
the opposable thumb,
the larger brain,
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Shift From Soul-Purpose Confusion To Clarity

In this video I cover the why’s and how’s of knowing your reason for existing.

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Get Clear On The Brand That Is YOU

Watch the video here as background to understand WHY branding is so important to soul-aligned work:

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Will HR Ever Be More Than A Nanny?

I have a lot of personal experience with career transitions including a shift from software engineering into human resources where I was hired to bring more ‘business expertise and technical credibility’ into the function. I had gotten a Masters in Organization Development from American University; I would now be able to combine my latest academic learning with my corporate experience to help make improvements to both HR and the business.

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What You Stand For Is What You Create

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Passionate Engagement Is The New Job Security – Part 2

The Little Prince“One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900–1944)

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Passionate Engagement Is The New Job Security – Part 1

Yes, loyalty and ‘a job for life’  are things of the past, but what kind of safety can you now create that will assure your work is in-demand, valued, and valuable?

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Who Am I? And Why Is It So Important To Know?

‘Who Am I’ is the most important and daunting questions you’ll ever consider.

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Where You’ve Been Is NOT Where You’re Headed

I look carefully at your feedback when deciding what career help to offer. I want to serve you well…

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Put Your Fears To Rest Once And For All

The Shift

There is a change taking place that is as radical as the shift away from believing the world is flat. It’s the move away from living in scarcity and fear, to living in abundance and love. change is good

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What Do You Stand For?

“What do you stand for?” is a question often asked to get you thinking about a ’cause out in the world’ where you can make a difference…

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Why 2013 Is Going To Be Magical

Have you chosen your word for 2013? If you’re working with resolutions, I’d like to suggest that having a theme for the new year is much kinder to yourself!

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How Much Do You Believe In Yourself?

To kick-off 2013 to be your most brilliant year ever, I invite you to consider:

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You CAN Make a Difference

I had a conversation yesterday that crystallized in my mind what we can do to have an impact on violence in society , and not in a band-aid sort of way.
Xmas TreeAs is true with all things profound, it was a simple conversation with an ordinary person that inspired me. I talked with Dwight, a retired local man who grows Christmas trees on land he owns in the mountains of North Carolina, who we’ve bought a tree from for years now.

When we picked up our tree, Dwight shared his usual delight in seeing us, he inquired about the boys (who weren’t with us this year), and he shared news from the mountains. [click to continue…]

Use Brain Science to Overcome Fear and Stress

It’s clear that many of you want to move forward with soul-aligned careers, but are stymied by fear, stress, and all sorts of other challenges. Some comments from the IAM Career Alignment Assessment:

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What Is My Soul Purpose and Why Is It So Difficult To See?

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication“What is my soul purpose and why is it so difficult to see?” is a question I’m getting from many of our new members. It’s an important question I’ve spent years considering, both for myself and with clients. Here is some of what I’ve learned…

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59% of People Would Choose a Different Career

Different CareerA recent PARADE/Yahoo! Job Finance Survey revealed that almost 60% of 26,000 respondents said that if they could “do it all over again,” they would not choose the same career they are in now.

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How To Align Your Work and Soul Paths

Learning to align your work and soul paths is like learning to drive for the first time. With things that are new and different, it helps to remember what it’s like to be a beginner.

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Remembering How to Play

Recently, I was talking with my son’s preschool teacher, and I casually asked her when my four-year-old should be learning how to read and write. Her response surprised me.

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7 Key Practices For Keeping the Faith

You’ve figured out what you want with your career, it feels exciting, and a bit daunting. How do you keep the faith and keep feeling essential?

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The Seasons of Work Relationships

unhappy work situationDeciding when it’s time to move on from an unhappy work situation is a common topic of conversation with my clients. Often, a change in perspective will shift a difficult situation to good. Sometimes, what’s really needed is an ending and a move on to something better.

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Get A Real Job

get a real job [click to continue…]

Your Abundant Career Now

It can seem impossible to think of your career development path as “abundant” when you feel stuck in a dead end job.

IAM has always had abundance and an abundant philosophy baked into our methodology for career alignment and transformation. The recent meteoric launch of Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler’s persuasive book, Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think, appears at a perfect time to bring heightened awareness and focus to seeking a more abundant life, fueled by abundant careers.

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The Business Case For Focusing On The Essential

The IAM Essence Map is a tool that shifts organizations into alignment with their best performance, one individual at a time. It starts with personal alignment with your soul self – your Essential Best as defined by you.

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Have You Made The Flip?

“The Flip” is a shift in perception and experience that leads from trapped and limited possibility where you are at the mercy of your circumstances, to experiences of liberation and infinite possibility where you are the creator of your reality.

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Leading and Managing Upward

Learning to lead and manage upward is critical to delivering winning results for your career and for your organization – double win.

This is a follow-on article to “The Myth of Hierarchical Leadership“, which I published in the IAM blog on December 22nd. In that article we discussed how leadership in organizations does not just flow from the top. In fact, the majority of day-to-day leadership decisions and actions can and should emanate from all over the organization, particularly from the front lines of action.

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Everything You Need To Make 2012 The Best Year Ever!

Make 2012 Your Best Year Yet!We are participating in the 2012 On Track event with other leading experts on

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Get Career Help That Gains Wisdom From Your Family History

I’ve only recently realized the impact my family history has had on my work history. My Dad’s struggle with congestive heart failure got me reflecting on his life and the gratitude I feel for him: he is a good man whose family was always his top priority. He was always a good provider.

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A Guy’s View of Drama

“Drama” is a fundamental concept within the process of career transformation.

Given its essential role, I would hate for people to dismiss the term as something solely from the domain of afternoon soap operas, teenage tantrum meltdowns or just a prefix for “Queen”.

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The Story of My Word For 2011

Selecting a word to represent your intentions for the year is a powerful practice. It sets the stage for the year, can take you beyond your limits and learning edges, and defines a laser-like focus for the year.

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The Myth of Hierarchical Leadership

Managers who direct, monitor and adjust other people’s productivity are not leaders.

This myth began during the Industrial Revolution when workers in factories and on assembly lines were managed by overseers. The seeds of this myth were no doubt also planted during the Agrarian Age when the productivity of serfs and slaves was managed by lords and foremen on farms and plantations. Perhaps its roots even stretch back to biblical times when, out of self-defense, Moses divided the people of the Exodus into hierarchical groups with a middle person those people could go to for their needs rather than all of them coming directly to Moses.

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Honoring The Gifts Of Your Soul

I’ve noticed a paradox this holiday season: people grateful for family and jobs while at the same time they are disappointed with their work situations. “Is this all there is?” clients guiltily ask me, thinking they have no right to despair when they have so much – especially when others don’t.

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Stress and Stress Management Tips Rarely Help You Deal With Crappy Situations At Work

Until now …

You’ve likely seen the typical health related stress symptoms:

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Career Help is the Key to Success in Challenging Times…

We are living in a time of extreme challenges where traditional thinking about career choices, career exploration and balancing work and life no longer ensures success. Moving up the career ladder, seeking more money, looking for the next hot technology or job … are these strategies leading to the fulfillment and success you want? Not according to what we’re seeing…

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